Consulting Services

Solar Energy & Energy Efficiency Analysis

Heat flow calculations, solar gain calculations, window heat gain and shading analysis, and energy visualization. Christopher has worked with dozens of architecture firms on passive and active solar design, and has developed custom interactive tools to support various energy calculations.

Shading Analysis

Christopher teaches passive solar design to architects, builders, and other professionals. He's available for inspiring lectures and demonstrations.

Green Building Education

Inspiring presentations, demonstrations, and activities on sustainable building topics. Christopher is a regular teacher of passive solar design to architects, builders, and other professionals.

Web Site Design & Programming

Web site conceptualization, design, implementation, and maintenance. Christopher has designed over 100 web sites, and has experience working with many organizations to determine what their needs are and how to manifest their vision. His technical skills include web site management, graphical design, interactive web programming, and the development of e-commerce systems.

PV System Design

Energy load calculations, shading calculations, utility-scale PV array design & layout.

Multimedia Software Development

Software project management, interface design, content development, packaging design, and software production. Christopher's specialty is in producing environmental educational software using innovative interactive activities to help the audience visualize and understand the material.

Visual Design

Digital and print media. Christopher has a great deal of experience with computer interface design, and also enjoys working on printed materials, original illustration, and logos and brand development.

Information Design

Presenting complex information in a comprehensible manner. Through Christopher's experience with software interface design and tutoring primary and secondary school children, he's come to appreciate the importance of structuring knowledge so that it can be grasped and used easily. Web sites, computer software, books, and technical papers can all benefit from attending to the structure and presentation of information, especially focusing on the means provided to the reader to navigate through the content.

Research & Writing

Sustainable energy and environment topics including renewable energy, energy efficiency, green buildings, transportation, solar angles, climate change, international development, and the design of small-scale, reliable, independent energy systems. Christopher has a solid technical background in science and engineering, as well as a unique perspective on the environment drawn from explorations into Eastern and Western philosophy.